Thursday, January 13, 2011

Logitech ( Made my way)

This next review is of my Logitech X-530 speaker system. Right out of the box it was a great looking system that sounded great BUT......

The tang-band woofer on the side produced insane amounts of port noise and forced me to keep its bass setting on half volume. I had considered solutions to this problem but the best i could see was to reposition the tang band woofer and place it on the front. The original mounting hole was filled with a 5 inch Aiwa woofer and suddenly all port noise was gone!

I loved the finished product so much that i decided it would look better if it wasn't so black. The end product is what you see in the picture.

1) Strong bass with no port noise!
2) Uniform sound field from all 10 drivers.
3) Can be loud without distortion.
4) Looks better than stock


1) Had to be modified to fix port noise
2) had to be modified to be less ugly
3) Bass control nob is on woofer (would have been better next to the volume nob)
4) Unstable centre of gravity when wall mounted (satellite speakers tip over)

If you're interested Logitech has released the Z506. It is much like the X-530 but has smaller drivers in its satellites. It retails at $150 Australian.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

To begin...What i take my pictures with.

So it occured to me that my blog should follow some logical order...And considering my camera will be taking photos of my things its only fair that my first review be of the camera itself.

It's an Olympus Fe402.I liked it because it was 14mp and thats about it. Aside from that i had no real draw towards it.

In retrospect i should have considered its video recording (which is pathetic).

But it suits me fine for the use i give it. The super macro setting has proven to be scary...i find myself not trusting my eyes anymore...

Pros :

1) Great resolution shots
2) Great battery life
3) Amazing detail
4) Good size
5) user friendly controls

cons :

1) Horrible video recording
2) poor autofocus
3) face detection is poor
4) Design is horrible

It also has the standard effects that you would expect with any camera but sadly lacks an easy to use panoramic photo setting (which Panasonic has mastered). The IB photo editing software that Olympus provides looks good but proved to be negative when its quality boosting software left my pictures looking unrealistic and even...gulp..Overexposed.

BUT - The price is unbeatable. Ranging at $150 Australian ($150 American) its a great buy.

(note : If you use it as a Camera,its incredible. Video camera? NO)